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Freiburg Commercial Real Estate

Open for business sooner.

Freiburg Commercial Real Estate has worked to develop properties that businesses of all kinds can conduct their operations effectively. With long-standing commercial real estate ownership, we've cultivated a reliable reputation that our commercial leasing tenants can trust.

Affordable & Accomodating


We aim to provide our clients with smart business solutions through our properties available for commercial lease. Our boutique-sized real estate group offers a friendly approach, but still the competitive rates of a sizable brokerage. 

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Developments to Desire


Property Protection

Our team is also comprised of two licensed insurance agents. Mark and Tanner are licensed in multiple states, and can protect your commercial, residential, auto, and other property or personal needs.

Fast Agreements

We aim to create the commercial leasing process as simple and secure as possible. We will offer a plan that works for everyone on a timeline that is efficient. Cheers to getting business started sooner!

Large Coverage‏

There are plenty of commercial properties available to accommodate a variety of businesses in Illinois and Missouri. We want to find the commercial real estate that's right for you.

Extra Offers
Wooden Surface
Designed Oriental Lamps


Mark, Tanner, and Parker Freiburg are the trio who makes up the Freiburg Development team. You'll work with them to find a commercial lease that's right for you and your business. Freiburg Commercial Real Estate is truly comprised of the experts you can trust. We look forward to finding you unique spaces for your unique business!

Dog Groomer
Boxing Gloves


We're big fans of commercial real estate if you haven't caught our drift yet. With a wide variety of strips, stand-alone's, house-converts, and more, we know we have a unique place that's right for your establishment. We look forward to seeing what business you endeavor! 

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Straightening Hair
Modern Dining Room


Mark Freiburg offers the most commercial real estate experience at our company, as it's a passion he's leaned into since 1975! He can confidently lead the way through your leasing process. Mark was influenced to get involved with commercial real estate by his dad, Max. Before jumping into an active career in the field, Mark studied at the University of Missouri and received a bachelor's degree in Finance. At Mizzou, Mark joined the Sigma Nu fraternity. After graduating, building and designing structures has become his favorite part of the job. In addition to his commercial real estate projects, Mark serves on the board of directors at First Bankers Trust and First Bankers Trust Shares. Mark also serves as the corporate secretary and director of the US Insurance Company of America. Previously, he served on the board of directors of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc.  Over the years, Mark has encouraged his family to get involved with commercial real estate too. He works with his two sons, Tanner and Parker, on many of his properties. Mark is married to Kim, who is also involved with various properties.


Barista Making Drip Coffee
Mexican Restaurant
Clothing Store

Tanner Freiburg has been managing commercial property since he was 17 years old. Growing up, his dad, Mark, would take him by job sites on the way to school to show him development projects. Mark taught him the basics: footings, foundations, framing, etc. Tanner found the construction process fascinating and always knew commercial real estate was a field in which he wanted to be involved. Having the opportunity to work with his family makes it more exciting, too! Of his commercial real estate projects, Tanner most likes to find new properties and match them with prospective tenants. Locally, Tanner's interests are shared in developmental groups as well. He is presently the Vice President of the Quincy Home Builders Association and sits on the Quincy Planning and Zoning Commission. Notably, he is the past president of the Young Professionals of Quincy, Treasurer of the Quincy Chamber of Commerce, and two-time Chairman of the Quincy Thanksgiving Basketball Tournament. Tanner is married to Elisha, and they have three children, Wilson, Charlie, and Nora. They also have two dogs, Tito the Portuguese Water Dog, and Olive the English Bulldog. 


Parker Freiburg joined the team early on as well, by serving as a commercial and residential owner of multiple properties in Illinois. It's no surprise that he shared a similar interest that his family does when it comes to real estate! Parker is a graduate of Illinois State University and was a collegiate athlete as well. There, he played golf and studied accounting. Parker is a certified CPA and went on to study law at the University of Illinois. Presently, Parker serves as Third Ward Alderman in Quincy, IL. He also serves as our property manager, handling all of the ins-and-outs of accommodations your location needs to succeed as a business. Parker is married to Whitney. They have one child, Jackson. They also have Lily, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 

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